About Us

The Sensory Space is a husband and wife built business. As avid advocates for individuals with special and unique needs, we wanted to build upon something we knew much about. We found it incredibly frustrating that a multitude of resources for individuals with specific special needs exists on multiple platforms. Yet, it is incredibly arduous to find that same plethora of information on anything in the world of sensory.  With a background in special education and having worked with students with a wide range of disabilities over the last ten years, we felt it was imperative to try to share that knowledge of the sensory world.

When given over a thousand sensory items and products, we know how frustrating it can be to have to decide which is the best; we want to be able to help you and your family chose the very best one given research based comparisons. We are here to help provide insights and experiences to broaden sensory integration knowledge. Our goal is to create something that helps easily navigate people of all ages to meet the sensory needs of an individual. The mission of Sensory Space is to provide a safe, friendly and family oriented place where there is an outpouring of support, a bounty of information and reliable product reviews and recommendations.

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Laura & Alex Greene

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