Calm Down Jar – Sensory Therapy to Help Overstimulated Children



  • Engaging – Jar helps center kids who are overwhelmed, overstimulated or upset. Helps with sensory regulation, sensory seekers, over responders and under responders.
  • Calming – Jar engages child to help calm down, organize and self-regulate. Aids in children with or moments of aggression, anxiety and lack of attention.
  • Captivating – Sometimes the simplest things can be so captivating. In a world filled with overstimulation, Calming Jar can allow kids to focus.
  • Shiny Contents – The plastic container is filled with green glitter, color gel and water and weighs 2.3 pounds.
  • Age Appropriate – The Calming Jar is appropriate for children ages three and up, and should have adult supervision during use.

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