Denim Weighted Vest – Fun and Function


  • HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION. This weighted vest is made using durable denim material to provide long-lasting strength and use. Comfortable and stylish, it looks like regular clothing so kids don’t stand out from their peers.
  • FASHION-FRIENDLY VEST. Ideal for both boys and girls, children who have anxiety or need to stay focused will look and feel great in this therapeutic vest. Functional pockets can hold fidgets and other important items, while stylish buttons make it easy to put this vest on and take it off.
  • HELPS CHILDREN FOCUS. Ideal for use when sensory input is helpful and during focus times, the weight of the vest can act as a filter to help engage the mind toward more important matters, such as taking a test or doing homework.
  • WEIGHTS INCLUDED. The vest comes complete with eight weights – capacity varies based on the size purchased. Weights are safely placed inside interior pockets and can be easily added, removed and adjusted as you’d like.
  • CALMING BENEFITS. Use the vest any time you need extra focus or to satisfy the wiggles. Providing 2.5-3.33 pounds of shoulder and torso weight for sensory input (weight varies per size), this weighted vest is an excellent choice for kids with ADD, ADHD, autism and sensory processing disorder.

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