Fun and Function Weighted Fleece Hoodie Vest in Black Sizes Small and X-Large



  • HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION. This weighted vest is made using a combination of cotton and polyester fleece material to provide long-term strength and use. Furnishing soft comfort and style, the vest looks like a fashionable, warm fleece vest for wear during cooler weather so kids can fit in.
  • PROPRIOCEPTIVE FEEDBACK. An excellent choice for children with ADHD, sensory integration disorder and autism, the fleece fabric and weight provide proprioceptive feedback to help kids focus and self-regulate.
  • CALMING BENEFITS. The combined pressure and weight functions as a reassuring deep hug, providing steady, soothing sensory input and calming benefits for a sensory diet.
  • HELPS CHILDREN FOCUS. Ideal for use when sensory input is helpful and during focus times, the weight of the vest can act as a filter to help engage the mind toward more important matters, such as taking a test or doing homework.
  • INCLUDED WEIGHTS. The hoodie includes two .5-pound weights and four .25-pound weights for a total of two pounds. Weights are safely placed inside interior pockets and can be easily added, removed and adjusted as you’d like.

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