Fun and Function’s Wipe Clean Weighted Lap Pad – Fun and Function



  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION. To provide long-term strength and use, this weighted lap pad is made using high-quality vinyl and filled with steel. As a result, it provides a soothing weight on the lap when sitting or on the back while lying down.
  • SOOTHING, DEEP PRESSURE. Perfect for kids with the wiggles, the Fun and Function furnishes a soothing, deep pressure to help kids stay calm and still during test-taking, classwork, homework and more.
  • GREAT FOR CHILDREN WITH SPD AND ADHD. This weighted lap pad is ideal for kids with special needs, serving as a gentle reminder to stay in place when they need to stay focused. It can also be placed on the back while lying down to soothe across the entire body.
  • VERSATILE TOOL. Available in three sizes to meet your needs, the lap pad can assist with aggression, attention, homework issues, anxiety, focusing, sensory seeking, trouble at school and more.
  • EASY TO CLEAN. Thanks to the soft, easy-to-clean vinyl, children can use the weighted pad even during dinner time or craft time. If it gets dirty, the material can be quickly and easily wiped clean for added convenience.

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