Heavy Sleeper Weighted Sleeping Bag – 8 Lbs



  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION. Providing long-term strength and use, this weighted sleeping bag is made using breathable mesh fabric with a fleece interior bottom for maximum comfort. Evenly-distributed weights place just the right amount of deep pressure for calming comfort.
  • SENSORY THERAPY. When children are surrounded by the soft, luxurious material, it helps to provide calming benefits for a sensory diet while also promoting sensory organization. Additionally, when kids are more relaxed it helps to encourage focus and attention.
  • CALMING BENEFITS. This sleeping bag provides a grounding effect for children with autism, ADHD and sensory integration disorder. The added weight supplies a nice, firm feel when laying under it, offering a soothing “hug” to promote restful sleep.
  • SOOTHING, DEEP PRESSURE. The Fun and Function furnishes a soothing, deep pressure which stimulates touch receptors to induce calm, making it perfect for kids who have trouble settling down. It can be used at home, sleepovers or while away on vacation.
  • USE AS A WEIGHTED BLANKET. In addition to promoting sleep, you can unzip and use as a weighted blanket to promote relaxation and sensory organization throughout the day. Place in a corner for use during nap time, fold in half for use as a lap pad, or wrap around a child’s body for a full-body effect.

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