Noise Reduction Headphone for Kids with Autism, Auditory Processing Disorder or Sound Sensitivity – Blue – Ages 5+



  • MAXIMIZES CONCENTRATION. These headphones eliminate extraneous noise so children can stay focused on the task at hand but allows nearby speech through so they can participate in their surroundings.
  • HEADPHONES FOR CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS. Children with autism, auditory processing disorder and sound sensitivity often have trouble processing large amounts of background noise while maintaining the ability to stay focused. These headphones will rectify that problem.
  • MUFFLES DISTRACTING NOISE. Toning down disruptive noise, children can concentrate without being distracted. As such, these headphones are perfect for test taking or homework, as well as noisy places such as birthday parties, airports, lunchrooms or sporting events .
  • DURABILITY AND COMFORT. The Fun and Function headphones are expertly crafted using a combination of plastic and metal to provide long-term durability and strength. Meanwhile, plush foam, padded ear cups gently rest on your ears to provide optimal comfort for hours on end.
  • PERFECT FOR NOISY PLACES. Recommended for children ages 5 and up, these headphones reduce noise up to 20 decibels. As such, they are the perfect solution for noisy places which can be overwhelming for kids with auditory defensiveness or sensory integration disorder.

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