(12lb) Deluxe CALMFORTER(tm) Blanket For Adults and Children.


$299.00 $199.00


  • INDUSTRY EXCLUSIVE EVENFLOW(tm) TECHNOLOGY for the ultimate in comfort and relaxation. Enjoy quiet, even pressure reminiscent of a full body hug thanks to the Calmforters ingenious CloudSoft Polyfill(tm) and Stardust Microbead(tm) weighting system.
  • ULTRA-LUXURIOUS MINKY FABRIC COVER- Outer cover is smooth as silk on one side while the opposite side features our unique SensaDot(tm) texture pattern for fingers and hands that like to fidget. NON-THERAPEUTIC APPEARANCE- Unlike most weighted blankets with highly noticeable lumpy, square pocket stitching, the Calmforter features a completely smooth, non-therapeutic look since the entire weighting system is completely hidden inside the cover.
  • 2 PART CONSTRUCTION FOR EASY WASHING AND LONG LIFE- The outer cover easily zips apart for fast, easy washing and quick drying. No need to wash the entire blanket like old-style 1 piece blankets that take forever to dry and deteriorate quickly as the weights are repeatedly washed.
  • GENEROUS 60″ x 80″ DIMENSION. The obsolete “10% of body weight plus 1 pound” guideline never did make sense since most blankets ended up being way too small. Use the amazingly versatile Calmforter your way and never come up short. Perfect for adults who want a full size blanket. Ideal for children; simply leave any un-needed weight bunched up at the end of the bed or on the floor. Protect your investment with a blanket that fast growing children will never outgrow.
  • SELECT-A-WEIGHT VERSATILITY- Studies show that most users prefer a 12lb blanket, so thats exactly how we built the Calmforter. Want a lighter blanket? No problem. Use half the blanket for a 6 lb. weight and three quarters of the blanket for a 9 lb. weight. Need more than 12 lbs.? The Calmforter can accomodate that as well. Simply double up the blanket for twice the overall pressure. Only the Calmforter delivers this level of versatility and convenience.

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