SnugBug: A Weighted Blanket Alternative




**PLEASE NOTE** This is a weighted blanket alternative, NOT a weighted blanket. It is a bed wrap that wraps around your mattress and provides deep pressure input via compression, rather than weight. ALSO** PLEASE have access to your amazon messaging. If I need additional information to complete an order, the only way I can contact you is through amazon messaging. If I do not receive a response, I have no choice but to cancel the order. Do you or your child suffer from sleep related disturbances due to Autism, Restless Leg Syndrome, insomnia, general anxiety, or anxiety related to bedtime, adoption, or separation, ADD/ADHD, interrupted sleep, or simply need the comfort of a heavy blanket in order to fall asleep? If so, a SnugBug bed wrap may be just the thing your body is craving. After taking away my daughter, Leila’s, pacifier, we very quickly realized that she was unable to self soothe and fall asleep on her own. It was out of sheer desperation for sleep (for both of us) that the SnugBug was created. I started brainstorming for a solution and it came to me…her sensory swing! The swing, made from a stretchy spandex material, provides the same deep pressure input as that of a weighted blanket. By snugly securing the same type of material around her bed, I was able to help my daughter achieve the input, spacial, and body awareness her body was so desperately craving. The SnugBug works by providing the body with deep pressure input which provides an overall calming effect by increasing endorphin and serotonin production. Endorphin’s and serotonin are our bodies natural “feel good” chemicals that provide us with feelings of happiness, security, and relaxation. I hope the SnugBug can help you achieve what everyone deserves… a good night’s sleep! **NOT FOR USE WITH CHILDREN UNDER 2 YEARS OLD**

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