Stretch Denim Weighted Vest to reduce Wiggles, Fidgets, Anxiety



  • HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION. This compression vest is made using cotton denim with spandex to provide long-lasting strength and a snug, comfy fit. Stylish and comfortable, it looks like regular clothing so kids can fit in with their peers.
  • CALMING BENEFITS. Use the vest any time you need extra focus or to satisfy the wiggles. The combined pressure and weight replicate the reassuring sensation of a deep hug, providing steady, soothing sensory input and calming benefits for a sensory diet.
  • THERAPEUTIC COMPRESSION. The steady proprioceptive input and compression around the trunk are especially soothing for those with sensory challenges. As such, this weighted vest is an excellent choice for kids and adults with ADHD, sensory integration disorder and autism.
  • HELPS CHILDREN FOCUS. Ideal for use when sensory input is helpful and during focus times, the compression and weight of the vest can act as a filter to help engage the mind toward more important matters, such as homework and test taking.
  • WEIGHTS INCLUDED. The vest comes complete with two .5-pound weights and four .25-pound weights for a total of two pounds that can be easily added, removed and adjusted as you’d like. Deep pressure can also be intensified or removed as the tightness can be altered via hook-and-loop closures at the trunk.

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