The Help Center

The Sensory Space was founded with the idea of creating a safe place to work together and share new information. 

In the ever-growing world of sensory, we know that there is limited information and each situation is different. Instead of finding answers to frequently asked questions, we want to customize the answers to best fit your specific needs and wants. We created this company in hopes to enhance knowledge in this area and take away some of the worries of finding products. We are here to personally work with you to find the best solution to some of your own questions.   We want to continue to keep the conversation flowing- even if it is just saying hello! Our team will respond back to you within 24 hours.  As collaborative partners, hand in hand – we want to help you put the puzzle together one piece at a time. So go ahead, say hello! We want to know…what are you wondering about today?

 *All questions and correspondence are 100% confidential. *
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